Current Projects

The Mrs Miniver Series

Mrs Minivers Petulant Sock

My main, ongoing making project is the Mrs Minivers: an ongoing series of socks in which I explore the relationships between people. The original Mrs Miniver’s Petulant Sock (above) was part of Rachael Matthew’s UFO Project Administration Service. Last April, this, plus more in the series were exhibited in Prick Your Finger yarn and haberdashery shop in London for my first solo exhibition.

Pass-it-On Collection

This series of knitted and knit-related accessories has been inspired by my grandmother who taught me to knit in her home on Caesars Road in the Isle of Wight. She showed me how to make accessories out of sticks, string and whatever else you have lying about the house. She taught me the importance of making do and mending, making new from old. It was always instilled in me to remember that the new thing carried in it a memory of the old thing, and that it was important to pass this message on through textiles. I now make a series of brooches and other knit-inspired jewellery which have all been made in part or whole from upcycled materials.

If you’re looking for more grandfather-inspired stuff, check out the George coffee cup cosy pattern, but if you’d like to see how my Nan has influenced me to make accessories, take a look at the IngridNation Folksy shop.


I am part of the steering committee for @platea, a collective of individuals interested in the power of public art carried out in the digital megacity of social media. We put out great interactive performances over social media. Earlier this year, I devised and led #plateaknit: a five day crowdsourced interactive knitting performance over Twitter.


KRL Duplicate Patterns

I am a member of the KNITS group, which develops strategies for University of Southampton’s national Knitting Reference Library. This resource holds the collections of Montse Stanley, Richard Rutt and Jane Waller. Recently we held an exhibition at Cornershop in Winchester where I also taught basic knitting skills.

Brainstorm 2.0

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Hairband

I am working on an experimental art project called Brainstorm 2.0 about electricity, insulation, conductivity and epilepsy. Some of these evolve into knitted objects and current work includes spinning yarn for the Brainstorm.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about any of these projects, please do.

To see more images of the projects, see the gallery and if you’re really keen, my shop.