Display for the Seventies, Now.

IngridNation Buttonhole Bloom Brooches, image copyright Giles Babbidge

In visiting the Seventies exhibition at The Spring Arts Centre in Havant yesterday I was reminded that Giles had taken lots of nice photographs of the jewellery that I had made to go alongside the exhibition, and that I hadn’t ever shared them here. What was interesting about this commission was that I didn’t do the display myself, but just dropped them off at the gallery and came back to see what they had done with them later… Having previously worked in a gallery and being very much involved in presentation and display of work, I have to admit that I was nervous that someone else would be arranging my work, but Kate did a wonderful job of it, as you can see below.


The Seventies exhibition is still on for a while yet – if you’d like to see dishy men in mustard tank tops, Rolf Harris grinning out from the box for a Stylophone, a bright red Raleigh Chopper or a teenager’s bedroom complete with sulky-1978- teenaged-girl, do give it a visit.


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