Music to Sew Up By

Yup. Exactly what it says in the title.

Sewing up, copyright Ingrid Murnane

I’ve been making this as-yet mystery item (on the off-chance that the recipient sees it here) as a commission, and after some epic knitting  last Thursday, finally got around to sewing up my efforts that night.

I have to admit that I need something calming, yet uplifting to sew mattress stitch by (and frankly it’s even more vital if kitchener is involved!)

Here is a taste of what I was listening to today:

Skinny Lister. Discovered them at Festibelly this year and I’m eagerly anticipating their debut album.

Sophie Madeleine – Wonderful ukelele music, including The Knitting Song.

Bishop Allen’s Like Castanets is just a beautiful song with subtle onomatopoeia in parts.

Thea GilmoreHeads will Roll is my favourite from her album Avalanche. The lyrics are scrumptiously gothic.

They all helped the night along, with a good dose of Belle and Sebastian to boot. I wonder if you have any more suggestions for music to sew up your knitting by?


2 responses

  1. angela elsom

    Hello Ingrid

    I bought one of your bangles at The Spring today (the bent knitting needle) – fabulous.I made a seaweed inspired scarf for Lyn and gave it to her today. I thought I would treat myself with my earnings!

    I am also a knitter and have BA, MA in Fine Art. I’ve also exhibited at The Spring. Am looking forward to Mrs Miniver exhib too and will come to see this.

    Do keep in touch. I have been meaning to visit the research centre at Winchester for my knitting. Have Monte Stanley books here etc.

    Bye for now

    Angela Elsom

    13/01/2011 at 10:36 pm

    • ingridnation

      Hello Angela,
      Glad to hear that you like the bangles! I must try to see your seaweed inspired scarf too and it would be great to meet up when Mrs Miniver is on.
      Oh you absolutely must visit the Knitting Reference Library – it has such a wealth of material.

      20/01/2011 at 11:26 am

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