The Snowy Adventures of the Photo-Hat

As you might have realised, it has been snowing here in the UK. Very much more than usual for this time of year, and almost in one fell swoop overnight. Giles and I are lucky enough to work from home most of the time, so quickly rejigged our schedules to take advantage of the glorious powdery snow before it had time to freeze and turn to trecherous ice.

We donned walking boots and gaiters, neckwarmers and woolly gloves before venturing out to revel in the still-falling snow. We walked for about three hours past the village green, the not-so-gritted roads and along the even more beautiful than usual Saxon track in the woodland. We both took a lot of photographs: Giles on his Nikon D3, myself using the little camera on my blackberry (which is strangely better than my little point and shoot camera for sharpness, although guess whose photographs came out better overall?)

Here are just a few shots that I took including some inspiring bronzey-orange coloured leaves peeping out of the snow which might make their way into a fledgling making-idea that I have.

As the day’s official documenter of Giles-Babbidge-behind-the-scenes, I made sure that I got some good shots of his hat. During the summer he had asked me whether I could knit him a hat with his logo on it.

After some charting, measuring of head and pattern writing, it turns out that indeed I could. Although his logo is usually black on white, or white on black, Giles preferred to have a more earthy colour to wear. The finished photo-hat, as it is now called, is made from Sublime DK baby cashmere merino silk yarn, in white and mole (which describes the colour perfectly), and is gorgeously soft to the touch. It’s getting an awful lot of use just lately.


2 responses

  1. elibbybet

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    04/12/2010 at 11:28 am

    • ingridnation

      Thanks, Libby 🙂

      04/12/2010 at 11:49 am

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