Pass it on: A Few Winter Warmers

I don’t know what it is like where you are, but here, today it is -3 celcius. Brrrr. We’re waiting for the snow that is forecast tomorrow and wrapping up warm in scarves and hats. In the meantime, here are a few links to interesting stuff that I’ve come across recently.

Baktus Bravado, image copyright Ingrid Murnane

Are you ready for advent? Do you have a calendar ready to go? No? Well, this is not strictly textiles… it’s not textiles at all in fact, but this gingerbread house tutorial by Pam Harris is hands-down the best idea I’ve seen this year for making your own advent calendar. So much more fun than sewing one.

Another great find, (via Kirsty) is the Ordinary Objects blog which features one woman’s quest to add knitting into everyday things. Not long started, this tumblr blog is an excellent use of the format, and both beautiful and fascinating to look at.

Now, apparantly what can only be described as ‘big knitted grannybashers’ are where it’s at for the winter, if you believe what’s been seen on the catwalks. So will you be wearing Tighty Aran Whities this season? Brenda Dayne’s Cast On podcast asks that very question in a recent episode which you can listen to here.(PS If you don’t subscribe to Cast On, then why not? You should – it’s always very funny and informative).

Lastly, one from me: my own latest endeavour is the opening of a small Etsy shop, so if you’d like to buy a little something as a Christmas gift, do head on over there and take a look. There are buttonhole brooches, knitting needle bangles, and perhaps more suitably for the current climate, snuggly neckwarmers too.



2 responses

  1. Thanks so much for linking to Ordinary Objects!

    04/12/2010 at 10:24 pm

    • ingridnation

      It is such a great blog – I love seeing what you are going to do next!

      08/01/2011 at 5:37 pm

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