A Reprieve, and an Explanation

So, last post I said the following, and at the time I really thought that it would happen…

Huzzah! IngridMurnane.com is fully up and running, and IngridNation will be going into stasis, so please do come and join me over there instead.

The key bit, the ‘IngridNation will be going into stasis’  part, well… by the fact that you’re reading this you can perhaps guess now that that is no longer true.

green knitting, red needles

Green-ish, copyright Ingrid Murnane

I have been struggling for a while with the parallel threads (for me) of textile history, and textile art designing and making. For my practice, it isn’t very often that the two worlds entirely collide. I have tried cajoling them into better alignment, wondering whether I should designed a hat that is inspired by the movies of the 1930s, or make more work investigating the domestic interiors of the interwar years. However the problem with this is that it is forced. I’d much rather be experimenting on my spinning wheel, or adding to my exhibition plans with the Sherlock Holmes socks. Try as I might, I can’t get that excited about making anything which comes out of the ideas and areas that I get so insanely excited to research and write about. Anyway, Susan does vintage design so much better than me!

So, in explanation for the future… for textile history of all kinds, craft skills acquisition research, and general museumy stuff, go to IngridMurnane.com. For textile art, making, patterns, techniques and tutorials, stay here with IngridNation. Or maybe (and I’d really like this), read both!

I’ll be posting to both blogs a couple of times each week, as well as to the knitonthenet blog which is up and running again after a bit of a sabbatical, so I do hope that you come along for the ride.

It’s been a big decision and a long time coming, so after biting the bullet, I’d love to know what you think about the split and this new set up. Let me know in the comments.


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