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GBP: Workshop

Digital SLR, image copyright Giles Babbidge Photography

If you, like me are not making the most of your digital camera, Giles’ SLR Startup workshop might be just the thing for you.

He’s running four workshops this summer to help improve your photography using a simple, hands-on approach. Using your own camera, Giles will help you to master its key functions so you’re able to consistently get the great results that you want.

He says:

The premise is simple: Beginners’ guides assume too much knowledge, which means people reading them often end up none-the-wiser. They don’t want to be bombarded by photo-jargon – they just want to know what they should be doing in order to improve their image making. Is that really so much to ask?

As we know, it is so much easier to learn to knit from a real person and it is just the same with photography. The great thing about these courses is that there is ongoing online support afterwards too, so you can keep in touch.

Please visit the GBP: Workshop page on Giles’ website to find out more and to book your place (be quick – they’re going fast!)