I’ve just announced the latest @platea project (our sixth) over on their blog: excitingly it is to be PlateaKnit! Well, there had to be a knitting performance sooner or later, didn’t there? It is going to run 25th – 29th January 2010 (Monday to Friday), just on Twitter. I’m really excited to be leading a @platea project and I do hope that lots of you want to will join in.

The full instructions of how to participate are over on the @platea blog, but I’ll give you the gist of what is happening here. If you think you’d like to join in, please let us know in the comments section of the  @platea blog post, and be sure to follow the other performers taking part as well.

The basic idea is to create a knitting pattern by crowdsourcing it onto Twitter.  You can take part by either giving instructions, or making something from them. Although the instructions may primarily be knitting-abbreviation-based, you can actually contribute the the instructions by describing what you would like to see in a row or two of the project,  and by using the hashtag #plateaknit. I’ve written a cheat-sheet of some possible basic ideas which might help. If knitting isn’t your thing either, you can still take part as a maker, interpreting the instructions in any way you see fit as perhaps a painter or photographer. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with! Everybody’s performance will be difference as will the outcomes made: that’s the fun of it.

I will be making something whilst dipping in and out of the instructions throughout next week. It may be a hat: it may be a scarf. After the performance is over I will be making up a larger item ( probably a scarf) following the full set of  instructions.  I’ll post what I come up with here along with links to what others come up with.

If you’d like to participate yourself, just drop your name and Twitter ID into the comments at the bottom of the @platea post, follow the other performers, and get instructing or making!


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