Friendsock Update 1

Here are just a few images to show how Katie and I are getting on with the first Friendsock for the Mrs Miniver series.

FriendSock in Progress

 You can see the difference in the two yarns that we are knitting on this sock in the image above. I started with an aran yarn and Katie’s handspun yarn turned out to be a little bit heavier, so making the sock ‘bunch out’ (technical term, y’know). We’ve persevered with the sock a little further to see whether it would even out: I turned the heel and Katie knitted a little more on the foot of the sock. Frankly it made little difference to the ‘bunchiness’.

Close Up

Ultimately, we have decided that this was our practice sock, and we have made some adjustments to the project (not least with using Actual Sock-Weight Yarn) and are continuing to knit two separate socks, swapping over each week at knit night. Fasle starts nonwithstanding, this is turning into a most enjoyable project. We are knitting two separate ‘normal’ socks, using two differently coloured skeins of sock yarn and two different stitch patterns. I’m turning both of the heels, so I might do both of them differently too.

Katie sporting her 'generic knitting face' 😀

In knitting this fraternal pair of socks we are additionally going to mark, in the knitting, significant (or not so significant) events which take place in our lives as we make them. Katie came up with this idea from a lady who she knew that marked events that happened whilst she knitted a shawl (I think). This lady wrote a note on a piece of paper and attached it in the appropriate place with a safety pin. This idea very much appeals to my geeky museum-collections-management side, and I’d like to catalogue events in our lives during the sock-making with labels. Also probably any problems that I had whilst knitting them. Certainly with this first FriendSock I went wrong a few times with my lace pattern and had to rip the knitting back a few rows!

More on FriendSocks Mark 2 soon…


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