probably the easiest wrist-warmers in the world


Here’s a really easy pattern for wrist warmers that is great for showing off your handspun yarn. I started off knitting a much more complicated open twisted rib stitch pattern, but soon realised something. It was almost impossible to see the pattern because the yarn I was using was the star of the show. I might as well have been knitting garter stitch. I started again with a simple two  by two rib, which gives the stretch that the wrist-warmers need, and shows off the yarn to its best. This is a great first pattern for knitting in the round, and has a just a couple of easy features to knit. The thumb is simply a large buttonhole, and the only other detail in the pattern is the fluted cast-off edge, which is made by increases.

You will need:

Approximately 100 metres/ 110 yards of aran (worsted) weight yarn.

4.5mm dpns or circular needle.

Stitch marker.

Tip: Divide the yarn into two balls before you start as it is hard to estimate where to stop once you’re knitting. I find that using scales to get it right helps.

Gauge: 5 stitches  and 7 rows per inch in rib pattern.

I wrote this pattern to fit my medium sized hands, but the pattern has lots of stretch, so gauge is not vital. Use larger or smaller needles if you need.


K: knit

P: purl

Kfb: Knit in the front and back of the same stitch (to increase)


Cast on 40 stitches using the longtail cast on method (for stretch).

Join without twisting and mark the start of the round with a stitch marker.

Work in pattern *K2, P2* until the work measures 3cm.

Next round: K2, P1, cast off 5 stitches, continue in pattern to end of round.

Next round: K2, cast on 5 stitches using the backward loop cast on method, continue in pattern to end of round.

Continue to work in pattern  until they measure approximately 19cm (just under 7 inches) from the cast on edge.

Next round: *Kfb, Kfb, P2* to end of round.

Next 2 rounds: *K4, P2* to end of round.

Cast off in pattern and weave in ends.

Then knit the other one (unless you’ve been magic looping them of course!)

Thanks to Lily for modelling in the photos!

Please feel free to knit up the wrist warmers to keep or as gifts/charity fundraising, but please do not knit up for commercial purposes or reproduce the pattern without first seeking permission.

Copyright © Ingrid Murnane 2009. All rights reserved.


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