Just an Instuction Leaflet?

Bestway Men's Glove Pattern

Bestway Men's Glove Pattern

Issue 9 of Knit on the Net went live yesterday, and I have my first magazine article published!

I wrote a micro-study of the above men’s glove pattern which has been in my family for three generations. The pattern is well travelled and means different things to different people, having been used a lot for teaching. It has come to mean much more in my family than ‘just a pattern’; it has a whole life of its own with many layers of social connotations.

Teal Bestway Glove 2008

Teal Bestway Glove 2008

The article is adapted from a paper which I first presented at University of Southampton’s In the Loop knitting conference last summer. This is the first time I have submitted an article to be published. When I saw the theme was ‘techniques and traditions’ I thought it might fit right in, so I was delighted when editor Susan Crawford accepted it.

Issue 9, Wanderlust has lots to read and includes some really good patterns: go take a look.

I’m off to make a Mia hat.


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