@Platea are launching Project iii: hopes/dreams/fears. This time it is not a performance in the way that Co-Modify was, more of a public participatory art project. There isn’t the sustained performance aspect this time, cos we know you’re busy people! You can take part once, or many times. It’s entirely up to you.

An Xiao and the @Platea steering committee will be collecting people’s hopes, dreams and fears in the form of status updates. We’ll be doing it in real life at gatherings of people (from festivals to dinner parties) and also online in forum groups, like in the  Ravelry @Platea group. The status updates will appear during July on a special facebook page, so you can see the hopes, dreams and fears of people all round the world.

It would be interesting to find out your hopes/dreams/fears, as a group of textile art blog readers. If you’d like to take part, all you have to do to is:

1. Fill out the form here (you can do this anonymously or using a pseudonym if you would prefer).

2. Join the hopes/dreams/fears Facebook group.

3. Wait to see yours and others’ hopes, dreams and fears broadcast over the next month and a half in your Facebook feed.

‘IngridNation hopes that you might like to participate.’

“hopes/dreams/fears” begins in New York City on June 12 during the FIGMENT NYC arts festival on Governor’s Island and it runs till the end of July with participants across the world. Members of online public art collective @Platea are gathering individuals’ hopes, dreams and fears in the form of status update language (i.e., “Jessica hopes that she graduates with honors next year.” “Fred fears he might lose his job due to the recession”). These will then be broadcast to a broader audience via a Facebook page, with the goal of uniting diverse groups via social media and offering a collective picture of communities’ hopes, dreams and fears during this time of economic crisis and transition.

There’s lots more about @Platea if you visit http://plateastweets.blogspot.com


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