@platea Online Art Performance: Join Us!

I am on the steering committee of an exciting new project by @platea called ‘Co-Modify’. It is an online art performance which will be happenening next week (3rd-9th May), and it would be brilliant if you’d join us!

Go to the @platea website here to sign up, then  join the Facebook group or follow @platea or me on Twitter for more information.

Here are the full details:

Online Public Art Collective to Enact Fictional Sponsorships on Social
Media Networks

Online public art collective @Platea will be performing “Co-Modify”, a
commentary on and exploration of the commodification of social media.
From May 3 through 9, a number of performers will be enacting a
fictional sponsorship by a company of their choosing and embedding
that company’s brand into their daily social media activities. Via a
collective online performance focused on Twitter and Facebook
accounts, @Platea performers will be enacting a world where everything
we do online has monetization value and a world where, more and more,
embedded and targeted advertising has become part and parcel with our
daily lives.

“In marketing, there’s this notion of finding that segment of one,
i.e., catering to the individual, rather than broad groups. It’s more
of a theoretical ideal, like the horizon or the perfect circle,”

writes An Xiao, director and founder of @Platea.

“And yet, embedded, contextual advertising is bringing us closer to that reality. All the
data about ourselves that we upload to Facebook and blogs, everything
we type about ourselves in Gmail, the little quips and jokes and
flirtations and family photos and comments between friends–all these
little lifestreams can be aggregated into a picture of who we are and,
importantly, what we might spend money on.”

In the open-source and open-information culture of Web 2.0,
“Co-Modify” will be a statusing (online happening), a free-form public
art performance that anyone is welcome to join. It will span multiple
social media streams, including but not limited to Twitter and
Facebook. I, for example, will be
‘sponsored’ by Sirdar, the British knitting company:

“My Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter profile pictures for the week will show me wearing a hat made from some of their yarn. Every now and then, I’ll post a status update: perhaps
‘Ingrid is working on a hat design using Sirdar Denim Chunky.’

Not every post, of course, will be sponsored, but, as with
celebrity endorsements, my sponsored actions will be embedded
seamlessly with my regular activities.”

@Platea is a collective of individuals interested in the power of
public art carried out in the digital megacity of social media. Their
most recent project, “The Great Yawn”, was a Twitter-based flash mob
of some 100 individuals, including contemporary artists Rachel Perry
Welty, Matt Held, Joanie San Chirico, Nina Meledandri and others. On
March 31 at 1:15 pm EST, @Platea members tweeted a collective yawn,
from Los Angeles to New York to London to Tasmania, to explore the
mundane and monumental elements of Twitter. The event attracted the
attention of a number of art world blogs, including Bad at Sports,
Hrag Vartanian, and New Curator.

@Platea was founded by artist An Xiao, a photographer and digital
media artist exploring issues in contemporary social media. Her
Twitter-based art projects have been featured with the Brooklyn
Museum, the Guardian UK, ArtNews and NYFA Current. Its steering
committee is comprised of members in two continents, including
British-based textile artist Ingrid Murnane.

@Platea can be found online at


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